Star Bio Complex P.H. 4.5 Ampulle - 18 ml.

This product is a reactive self-emulsionarant product with cationic properties which develop high positive charges on the hair, which is inherently positively charged, to make it stronger, giving it more body and beauty.

Directions: 1) Mix the content of BIO COMPLEX vial with 6 oz. (180 ml.) of water at room temperature. 2) Mix well until it form a white thick cream then the hydrolized molecules of BIO COMPLEX will activated to be deeply deposited in the hair fiver (shaft). 3) After shampoo, apply the cream from the root to the ends, leave in for one or two minutes. Rinse with plenty of water producing long lasting hair reaconditioning.

Made in the Dominican Republic by Star Products, S.A.

Star Bio Complex P.H. 4.5 Ampulle - 18 ml.
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  • Manufacturer: Star Products, S.A.
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