MK Sedoso Olive Mask Leave – in 8oz

CHARACTERISTICS: It is an ideal product to protect agains dryness and sun.  Due to its high content of olive oil,  natural conditioners and proteins, moisturizes from root to tip, prevents split ends and abuse by dehydration, restores health and shine. 

DIRECTIONS:  After washing hair with shampoo and rinse conditioner sedoso, apply a small amount in palm and distribute evenly on damp hair before drying.  Do not rinse out.

INGREDIENTS:  water, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, ciciomethicona and dimethicone.  Ammonium chloride trimethyl cetyl, lanolin, phenil trimethicona, olive oil, phenoxyethanol, and methylparaben, and butylparben and ethylparaben and propylparaben and isobutilparabeno, fragrance, FD & Green No. 3.

MK Sedoso Olive Mask Leave – in 8oz
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