Faviola Carrect La Bomba Rinse - 20 oz.

A finely elaborated product with natural ingredients, which helps to protect and soften your hair while providing the shine that it needs after the effects of chemical processes and exposure to the sun.

Directions: Apply after using the conditioner massaging for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty water.

Ingredients: Sodium Laurath Sulfar, Sodium Laurath Sulfate and Distearate, Cocomide, MEA Diestanolamina Coconut, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Berbena, Romero, Quatemary Protein Derivate, Citrus Acid, Propylenen Glycol and 5 Bromo, 5 Nitro, 1-3 Dioxane, Fragrance, Purified Water and Color Free.

Made in the Dominican Republic by Cosmeticos Faviola Carrect

Faviola Carrect La Bomba Rinse - 20 oz.
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  • Manufacturer: Cosmeticos Faviola Carrect
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