Capilo Eggs & Olive Oil Hair Rinse - 16 oz.

Softens And Repairs Hair Tips

Egg Lecithin and Olive Oil Conditioning Cream Capilo has been formulated to nourish and moisturize dry and damaged hair due to the combination of Natural Extracts  

Of the Olive Oil smoothing the hair through fatty acids and vitamins E,D and K, helping on the recovery of the natural shine and the Egg Lecithin helps to seal the ends and condition the hair.

Directions: After wahsing the hair, remove water excess.  Apply the egg lecithin and olive oil rinse Capilo.  Distribute and massage well.  Comb out with a comb.  Rinse several times.

Made in the Dominican Republic by Laboratorio Capilo Espanol C. por A.


Capilo Eggs & Olive Oil Hair Rinse - 16 oz.
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  • Manufacturer: Laboratorio Capilo
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